Is It Time for a New Relationship With Sugar?

It’s not your fault. Since birth you’ve been bribed, rewarded, and punished with sugar.

It’s not too late to turn it around and discover the new opportunity that is waiting on the other side of your addiction to sugar. You can take control starting right now.

Let me gift you with my Sugar Survival Workshop so that you can immediately see the changes that  happen when sugar no longer owns you.

Join 23,438 others who've kicked sugar to the curb the fun and easy way!

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30 Days Sugar Free? In my extremely competitive fashion I said “oh, I could easily do that” and without asking volunteered my husband Chris, too! Now committed, we ventured forth without much understanding of what would happen. To our amazement, 6 weeks later are still sugar-free!

Kelly & Chris Cox
Petaluma, CA

This program is so much more than just giving up sugar, it is really about how you want to live your life! I have struggled with compulsive overeating and food addiction all of my life. The coaching gave me strategies to deal with this rather than just uncovering the reasons for why I do it. I feel like I have peeled away many layers of the onion in only 30 days!

Susan Fishman
Leadville, Colorado

It's not about denial - it's all about balance and finding the healthy, happy sweetspot for you to feel incredible in your own skin

Our Mission

We support individuals through the transformational journey of living 30 Days Sugar Free.

In this program we promote getting rid of all processed/refined sugar for 30 days. That alone is a Hero’s Journey. If, after that 30 days you want to go further, we will talk about eliminating other carbs. It’s a folly to think anyone could go from the standard diet to stopping any and all carbs overnight. We’ve seen that fail over and over again.

World-class coaching, a staff nutritionist, a vibrant online community of support, recipes, and daily coaching pages that will get you far enough away from the addiction to decide the role that sugar should play in your life.

I’m so glad I joined this program! The first few days were challenging but after that, it just gets easier and easier! I weigh 24 lbs less today than I did 30 days ago! On to the next 30 Days Sugar-Free!

Teresa Glidden

Sugar was definitely a habit and something I used for that dopamine blast. Binge eating as well. Enough with all the diets and starvation programs! Results so far is 5lbs down in the first 30 days and I feel so good.

Mary Elizabeth Young
Glendale, CA

It's all about everyday people like you—no matter your shape, size or fitness level—aiming to live your best life possible by choosing healthy eating

The results I had using this program were amazing! I completely stopped eating sugar, lost weight, and best of all had energy I haven’t felt in years. I realize now how much healthier I eat now, thanks to re-calibrated taste buds.

I especially liked how the coaches reinforced positive support rather than shame. The ideas and assignments kept me on track and I looked forward to them every day.

Marie Jensen,
Oakland, CA

I have now reached a weight I never thought I would see again – one I thought was “hopeless”, it’s AMAZING!

There really are no words to thank you for this opportunity. It goes so beyond “just” getting rid of processed/refined sugar. It’s like I’ve been injected with Superhero venom. I can do ANYTHING and do it well. So, while they are totally inadequate words… thank you!

Mariella Kruger,
Palmer, AK

I know that I could not have done this without guidance and support from these wonderful leaders and the network group. I even managed to drive past my favorite milk shake store without stopping. TWICE!! I am forever grateful for finding this group and getting free of my addiction.

Sara Bertran,